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Notices concerning the Delta Group

Milan, 5 May 2009  – Following the previous press release issued on 4 May 2009, Sopaf S.p.A. has acknowledged the statement released today by Banca d’Italia in which the Supervisory Authority announced that it has ordered the temporary administration of Delta S.p.A. (a bank holding company in which Sopaf S.p.A. holds a 15.95% investment) and of Sedici Banca S.p.A. (a member company of the Delta Group), appointing as administrators Messrs. Bruno Inzitari, Carmelo Lattuca and Vincenzo Cantarella and suspending the functions of the administrative and control bodies.
Sopaf S.p.A., as also advised by CONSOB, announces that at present it is unable to perform any assessment of the possible evolution of this process.
Sopaf S.p.A. will keep the market informed of any further significant developments concerning Delta S.p.A..




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