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Identity and Strategy (under updating)

Qualified management, entrepreneurial vision, and experience.
Sopaf has combined three assets to set up a dynamic investment company  capable of:

  • high deal flows; 
  • identifying investment opportunities in niches and high-value sectors;
  • initiating and developing partnerships with some of the most qualified players in the sectors in which investments are held, both in Italy and abroad;
  • planning and structuring innovative investment transactions.

Sopaf invests in business areas that offer strong potential for the enhancement of the investments' value. The investment portfolio includes holdings in companies active in the industrial, real estate and financial services and insurance markets.

With its business model based on Anglo-Saxon investment companies, Sopaf is a "unique" in Italy.  Sopaf invests capital of its own and of third parties with the aim of generating returns above market average. Sopaf combines revenues from its own capital and the commission flow generated by the asset management subsidiaries in order to ensure stability to the revenue stream.

Sopaf's independence from large financial institutions and industrial firms, and the strong identity between the managers and the shareholders create a framework without potential conflicts of interest.  A rigorous governance model guarantees this condition, aligning the interests of the main shareholders, independent investors outside of the company, and management.
Sopaf's current ownership structure is the by-product of a transaction perfected in July 2005, whereby LM ETVE was merged with the publicly traded company, Sopaf.


Updated: 20/10/2008
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